What we do 

Our website’s (IPL Live Update) ultimate goal is to deliver information related to Finance, Education, Health, Bollywood, Sports Technology, etc. We try our best to give the latest news to the people who are interested in reading the daily news. Our purpose in sharing the latest news is to educate people. We ensure the accuracy of information by cross-checking it with leading News websites like Business-Standard, Livemint, Indianexpress News 18, India Times, etc.

We interact with news readers, pages, and groups through social media. We share news on social media so we can reach more people.  Social media helps us to educate more people about the latest trends.  We deliver this content in the Marathi language because at present we are focusing on the Maharasthra Indian region. 

Who are we

We are a team of two people and we are spreading the right news. Our team researches to gather information and the latest news.

Members of the team

Jittu Saini

Jeet saini

When we started

We realized that there is a huge consumption of news in India and they love to read about various topics.  IPL Live Update made its debut on 26 January 2021.  Now, many news readers started connecting with us through social media and direct searches on Google.

How IPL Live Update gather information

IPL Live Update site gathers information on various fields through leading news websites like Business-Standard, Livemint, Indianexpress News 18, India Times, etc. Our team keeps an eye on the latest news to provide the latest news of finance, education, health, technology, Bollywood, sports, etc on time. We formulate all the information gathered by a team and make it easily understandable to the audience.